The "hard sell" is as dead as the dinosaurs in today's marketplace. More often than not, the sales professional who uses pressure and hype is going to leave empty-handed. The real secret to successful selling is getting to know who your customers are, and what they really want and need. When you ask them the right questions, you'll build strong business relationships, uncover potential concerns, move past objections, and open up exciting new opportunities. And, ultimately, you will make the sale.

Questions that Sell is an indispensable addition to your toolkit, no matter what your product or service. Paul Cherry's invaluable handbook is more essential than ever before, with even more practical, hands-on content that covers a broader range of tactical sales situations. A wealth of fresh topics, techniques, and information has also been added to this updated second edition, including new questions that will: Get prospects talking during cold calls  * Soothe angry, dissatisfied, and anxious buyers * Lead to quicker decisions * Secure referrals * Comfortably address delicate subjects * Reinvigorate a sales relationship that has gone stale * Generate discussion and position yourself as a thought leader at networking events and on social media forums. 

In a highly competitive marketplace, the right questions will enable the buyer to see you as a problem solver rather than a product peddler--while asking the wrong ones can kill a deal instantly. Success today depends on a lot more than just a good knowledge of and faith in what youre selling. Questions that Sell can be the one sales tool that makes all the difference.


Paul Cherry is founder and president of Performance Based Results, an international sales training organization. An in-demand speaker and sales expert, he has been featured in Investor's Business Daily, Selling Power, Inc., Kiplinger's, and other leading publications.

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